Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harumafuji Yokozuna Promotion

I have been reading in some forums about Harumufaji's possible Yokozuna promotion if he wins the September basho. People are saying that he's not Yokozuna material because of his inconsistency in the first half of the tournament. In essence losing the bouts he should win and winning the bouts he should have a harder time winning.
Lets look at the stats. Since becoming Ozeki he has never won more than 10 bouts except for his Yusho (championship victory) tournaments. But in 15 basho as Ozeki he has posted a 138-76 record.

Lets compare Harumafuji to the other Ozeki.

Baruto last six tournaments as Ozeki has won 58 and lost 32

Kotooshu last six tournaments as Ozeki has won 50 and lost 36 and sat out 4

Harumafuji's last six tournaments as Ozeki has won 50 and lost 29 and sat out 11

Now in my opinion Baruto has had the most success in the last 6 picking up two 11 win tournaments. But I still think Baruto is a ways off from Yokozuna as is Kotooshu.

Harumafuji has a 11-9 record against Baruto and is even with Kotooshu at 15-15. Against Kaio he was 16-12.

To wrap it up I think Harumafuji will have to work hard for Yokozuna. I think fans will have to judge for themselves. It's not cut and dry. All the Ozeki are pretty evenly matched. But I think he has the desire. He's one of the most exciting wrestlers I've ever watched and his ability to win is there. Go Harumafji!

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