Friday, July 29, 2011

Makuuchi Newcomer Takayasu

Takayasu is a newcomer to the top division who has a chance to go far in Sumo. In his first tournament (July) he posted a 9-6 record with notable wins against Shotenro and veteran Takamisakari.

Born on February 28th 1990 he made his debut in 2005 and his Juryo debut in November of 2010. After three tournaments in Juryo, this July was his first tournament in the Makuuchi division. He started out with a loss and then went on a 7 bout winning streak before losing the next 5 out of 7.

His career record is 169 wins and 122 losses with a 9-6 Makuuchi record. He also has 1 Makushita Championship under his belt. His favorite techniques are Tsuki (push with elbows locked) and Oshi (push down with elbows bent).

I look forward to watching him the rest of the year.

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