Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hakuho losing for Good of Sumo

I have been reading recently on some sumo forums and have found Sumo fans comparing Sumo to WWF, saying that it is all staged. Saying that Hakuho in the last tournament dropped a couple bouts and lost the tournament to "create some competition". Making himself "catch-able" by wrestlers like Kotoshigiku, who beat Hakuho as he sought Ozeki promotion. Also that because Sumo is a dying sport, nobody except die hard fans will show up to see Sumo where one guy (Hakuho) is dominating. Therefore he is trying to create good sumo by dropping a few.

I think this is absolutely FALSE. I may have only been following Sumo for 2 and a half years, but I have seen nothing that would prove to me that Hakuho would purposely lose. He is very competitive. And by saying that Hakuho lost on purpose is basically like saying Harumafuji was handed the tournament.

Harumafuji worked hard for this one. Hakuho is beatable. Period. Just because he had the streak and has won the last 7 tournaments in a row doesn't mean the guy is never going to slip up.

I think we need to just watch the Sport and quit looking for it's flaws.

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