Monday, August 1, 2011

Wrestler of the Month: Maegashira 5 Kaisei

Coming to sumo in 2006 Brazil native Kaisei has risen up the sumo ranks. After moving up to Juryo in 2010 and getting a Yusho (tournament victory) in November of 2010 he made his Makuuchi debut in May of 2011. His first tournament went well as he won 9 straight and finished the tournament with a 10-5 record. He was then promoted to Maegashira #5. In the July tournament he went 6-9 while having to face an Ozeki for the first time. He will be demoted for the September Basho.

Here are some career stats for Kaisei:
Wins 145
Losses 99
1 Juryo Yusho

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