Monday, October 3, 2011

September Basho Recap

Hakuho won. Harumafuji flopped. Ozeki? What Ozeki? The only real positive thing that this Basho offered was a Ozeki promotion for Kotoshogiki.

Here are my "Top 5 Rikishi" this tournament starting with #5.

5. Maegashira #1 Homasho had to fight all the top guys right off the bat. By day 8 he was 5 and 3 beating all three Ozeki and both Komusubi's. He will be promoted to Komosubi or possibly Sekiwake next basho. He ended the tournament with a 10-5 record.

4. Meagashira #11 Gagamaru came out swinging and by day 11 had a record of 10-1 and a win against Ozeki Baruto. He then went on to lose 3 in a row but ended the tournament with an impressive 11-4 record.

3. Sekiwake Kisenosato ended the tournament with a 12-3 record and a win against the Yokozuna but couldn't get the best of the Ozeki or fellow Sekiwake Kotoshogiku. Still a impressive tournament.

2. Yokozuna Hakuho had another great tournament proving that he is the best in the ring. He did however lose to both Sekiwake this basho. Ending with a 13-2 record he improves to a 533-106 record in the Makuuchi division. Very impressive!

1. Sekiwake Kotoshogiku proved that he belongs amongst the Ozeki. Although falling short of a playoff match against Hakuho he had a great tournament posting a 12-3 record and beating the Yokozuna in a thrilling bout. I look for him to really shake up the competition in the November basho. Congratulations to Kotoshogiku on his promotion to Ozeki

Well, this rounds out my top five for the Basho. I wish I could have been writing about my favorite wrestler, Harumafuji but he failed to do much in this tournament going 8-7 and blowing a chance for Yokozuna promotion.

Looking forward to November!