Sunday, April 29, 2012

6 Ozeki for May Basho

For the first time in the history of Sumo there will be 6 Ozeki on the Banzuke. Kakuryu is the newest Ozeki after his brilliant March Tournament where he and Hakuho took it to the wire and finished in a dramatic playoff. Kakuryu seems at ease with the promotion stating "My first goal is to secure a winning record, but I'll make sure I put my best effort in each bout and try to pump up sumo fans." Sumo fans could use some pumping up. It has felt like forever since some one challenged Hakuho on a serious level. This year has seen Baruto win a Basho and Kakuryu give Hakuho a run for his money. This has been a thrill to experience. Hakuho is shooting for his 23rd Yusho of his career that would send him into sole possession of 5th place on the all-time list passing Takanohana. This will be a GREAT tournament! Look for the Ozeki to shine.