Saturday, May 5, 2012

A New Challenger

Chiyotairyu is making his top division debut tomorrow at the rank of Meagashira #10. I just recently watched all his bouts from his 2 Juryo tournaments and I must say I am REALLY impressed. He's not the most graceful but he gets the job done. And the interesting this is he has had only one losing basho since making his debut back in 2011. Here is how his record stands

Makushita 2011 May: 0-3-4  

Makushita 2011  July: 6-1-0

Makushita 2011 September: 6-1-0

Makushita 2011 November: 4-3-0

Juryo #13 2012 January: 13-2 Yusho

Juryo #1 2012 March: 11-4-0

Career record: 40 wins, 14 losses and 4 absent

Pretty impressive for this young newcomer. I am really excited to see what he can do tomorrow and the rest of the tournament. 


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