Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sumo Archive 1: Ozeki Toyokuni

Toyokuni was born August 26th, 1893. He made his Sumo debut in 1915. After going 4-1 in his first tournament competing he quickly rose with a Yusho win in 1917. In 1926 he made it to the rank of Komusubi with an 8-3 record. As a Komusubi he went 9-2 and rose to Sekiwake. As a Sekiwake he shined, finishing 2nd in two out of the three as Sekiwake, and defeating Yokozuna Tsunenohana. After sitting out his first tournament as Ozeki he went on to have 9 consecutive winning tournaments and won 2 Championships. A great wrestler who was just shy of being a Yokozuna.

40 Basho
Makuuchi Record: 162-87-30
Career Record: 208-101-36
Yusho 2

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