Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sumo at 17 Months

So I couldn't be more excited. My daughter Emmelynn, 17 months, is starting to Sumo. Not because I am really pushing her. But being around me and my little hobby of sumo she has started taking as much of an interest as a 17th month old can. It started when I was in my sumo stance. I looked at her and said "Get in your stance". She imitated me, crouching down in a low squat.

Then we wrestled. At this point she doesn't understand the concept of pushing, but she hangs on.

Emmelynn has a pretty good stance. Nice and low. What will she do next?

She takes dad down! Good job Emmelynn!

Now we see her hard at her studies. She has become really fascinated at thumbing through my new Sumo book.

I really hope that she grows to love sumo as I do and that she has fun learning it.

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