Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harumafuji: The Comeback Kid

 29 years ago, Yokozuna's Chyonofuji and Takanosato went into day 15 undefeated. It would be the last time two rikishi would meet undefeated on day 15 until just a few days ago.

 Ozeki Harumafuji stunned the Sumo world with a perfect 15 and 0 performance, beating a seemingly weak Hakuho on day 15.

 After going 8-7 in the May basho, few people would have guessed that Harumafuji would have done better than a 9 or 10 win Basho.

 "I believed in myself and put my heart and soul into it until the last fight" he said

 He will be shooting for Yokozuna promotion in September. 

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