Monday, September 16, 2013


So while watching some of the lower division matches I was doing some browsing and came across this wrestler. Apparently Takanoyama is not the first to ever have success as a lightweight wrestler. Ishinriki weighed just 81 kg or 178 pounds. He was a pretty decent wrestler for his size. Came across this video.

He never reached higher than Juryo 1 in his career, but wrestled well there, but size was always a factor. His career totals are:

Wins : 390 Losses : 372

September Basho : Day 2 Highlights

Day two was exciting. Harumafuji took a loss. Not a good start for the Yokozuna. Very disappointed. Here is all the action from day 2!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Basho Day 1 Highlights

Highlights from day 1!

September Basho : Day 1

Well, day 1 is in the books! Stayed up way to late to watch sumo. It's currently 5 in the morning here in Kentucky.

I was very pleased with a win from Harumafuji. Very solid sumo to begin the tournament.

The prodigy Endo loses his first bout in Makuuchi to Homasho who is probably enjoying being back in the top division.

Everyone at the top who was expected to win, won so no complaints there although it's fun to see a rank in file upset an Ozeki or Yokozuna.

I'll post a video of highlights from Kintayama's channel once he posts it.

Here is my bout of the day coming from the Juryo division.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Endo the Wonder Boy

 Endo. Where did this kid come from! He is off to a great start after only 4 Basho landing a spot in the top division after a stunning 14-1 Yusho victory in his first Juryo basho.

 Could Endo be the next Japanese hope? He certainly has me convinced if he keeps this up. I personally hope that he has great success. Sumo needs it. I am going to be following him closely this Basho.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


I came across this video. Tomonohana vs Akinoshu. The move at the end is what gets me. Tomonohana wasn't called "Sensai" for no reason. Probably one of the great sumo technicians of all time.

His career began late but he still managed to stick it out till he was 37. Spending most of his career in Juryo after briefly gracing the rank of Komusubi he was a wrestler that could have been in many ways. But sometimes I enjoy those figures of sport more than the "top dogs".

Tomonohana preferred a migi-yotsu or right hand inside, left hand outside grip on his opponent's mawashi, and his speciality was shitatenage, or underarm throw, which was his most common winning kimarite. He used 34 different kimarite during his career, some of them extremely rare. In January 1993 he defeated Hananokuni with izori, or backwards body drop, a technique that had not been seen at sekitori level since 1964.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baruto Set to Retire

Baruto, the great Estonian wrestler has announced his retirement from Sumo. My wife actually was a Baruto fan from the time we began following sumo in 2009. In that tournament he was ranked at Komosubi and went 12-3.

It's a sad day in our house. However we sort of saw it coming.

Here is news from Araibira's facebook page.

Baruto at his intai (retirement) press conference in the Kokugikan with Onoe oyakata.
“Because of the knee I decided to retire from my active career. I'm much obliged to all in Japan,” Baruto said.
Baruto in tears: “It's sad, but the injury doesn't heal. I didn't want to drop further on the banzuke."
He said he enjoyed the nine years of sumo, and If he hadn't become an o-sumo-san, he hadn't met all his wonderful fans.
“Since the injury didn't heal, I'm not able stand on the dohyo," he said. "I reflected on several things and thought that I want to let it end here. There were many chances for a second yusho, but I always had easy losses. But it's only good memories. Sumo was the best.”

Thanks for giving us solid sumo for 9 years, Baruto. You produced exciting sumo to the end!
 And here is a highlight reel of Baruto. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Rankings

 This September looks to be a great tournament. Interesting to see who goes up and down the Banzuke which is one of my favorite aspects of Sumo.

 In this Tournament we will see what the new up and comer, Endo can do. He won the Juryo division in only his 3rd Basho going 14-1! Very impressive!

 Homasho is back in the top division which is good to see.

 I'd like to see a dark horse from the Maegashira ranks challenge for Cup, but we shall see. Hakuho looks poised to bring home his 27th Yusho.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jakarta Exhibition

 In a two day Exhibition in Jakarta Indonesia, Harumafuji defeated fellow Yokozuna Hakuho to win the event.

 Harumafuji beat Ozeki Kakuryu with an overarm throw and then went on to defeat Hakuho with a frontal force out!

 Looking forward to see if Harumafuji can win going into this tournament. Maybe his wrist is feeling a lot better and won't be a concern.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

September Basho Preview

 As we approach the rankings announcement on September 2nd, I am very excited. I haven't been involved in writing or posting about Sumo as much as I would like to be lately. Limited internet access has rendered me  useless in that regard. Usually I can only watch one or two bouts from the days action on my phone. Not been fun.

 Anyway the future looks bright for Sumo watching and blogging (and maybes some PODCASTING! STAY TUNED)

 As we approach the Tournament which begins September 15th I can't help but wonder about Harumafuji's wrist that he hurt on the 18th. He claims it's alright. But a wrong move could tweak it again.

 The big question on my mind is will Harumafuji be a threat this tournament? Since becoming Yokozuna in November of 2012 he has not lived up to a lot of expectations. 
  He is 54-21 as a Yokozuna never rising higher than 11 wins in a Tournament save the January Basho. He has two 9-6 records. He is 2-3 against fellow Yokozuna Hakuo since attaining the rank and has struggled against his old friends in the Ozeki ranks. His records against the Rank and file haven't been great.  

 However, all of that said he is still to me one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. A warrior who comes to battle. He doesn't go down without a good scrap. 

 In other news the Egyptian was suffering from and inflamed colon. Still no word on his status. 

 Hakuho looks to be on track to get his 27th Yusho. The question is will he be able to hang on to surpass the great Taiho. 

 All in all this looks to be a great tournament. I'm looking forward to it! 

Something else I wanted to point out too is that Kyokutenho is 7th on the all time wins list, 15 away from 6th place. And Wakanosato isn't far behind. I really enjoy the longevity of some of the career Maegashira wrestlers. Kyok being one of my favorites. 

Heres to a great Basho! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 9

Harumafuji seems to be having trouble at the tachi-ai, being driven back the last few times by his opponents. Baruto was convinced of a win, but Harumafuji's quick thinking turned at the edge throwing Baruto out with tsukiotoshi.

I am hoping Harumafuji's lack of strength isn't a sign of an injury.

Hakuho on the other hand is slapping down his opponents which is causing a bit of a stir. He remains 9-0 and in the drivers seat of the basho.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 6

 Harumafuji snaps his two loss losing streak, bouncing back with day 5 and 6 wins. The Yokozuna is trailing Hakuho by 2 while Sekiwake Baruto sits at 5-1 going into day 7. 

 Harumafuji will take on M #3 Ikio. 


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 5 Haru (March) Basho

 After day 5, Yokozuna Hakuho is in the lead at 5-0. Harumafuji is struggling at 3-2. 

 The real story for me is will Baruto return to the Ozeki ranks? He is at 4-1 right now and tied with a number of rank and file wrestlers. His knee is still looking shaky, but after a win over struggling Ozeki Kotooshu the future looks a little brighter. 

P.S. I am sorry to anyone that wanted to follow this blog. I have been so busy with real life that I haven't been able to post much. I am going to try to cover the rest of this tournament. Thanks.