Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baruto Set to Retire

Baruto, the great Estonian wrestler has announced his retirement from Sumo. My wife actually was a Baruto fan from the time we began following sumo in 2009. In that tournament he was ranked at Komosubi and went 12-3.

It's a sad day in our house. However we sort of saw it coming.

Here is news from Araibira's facebook page.

Baruto at his intai (retirement) press conference in the Kokugikan with Onoe oyakata.
“Because of the knee I decided to retire from my active career. I'm much obliged to all in Japan,” Baruto said.
Baruto in tears: “It's sad, but the injury doesn't heal. I didn't want to drop further on the banzuke."
He said he enjoyed the nine years of sumo, and If he hadn't become an o-sumo-san, he hadn't met all his wonderful fans.
“Since the injury didn't heal, I'm not able stand on the dohyo," he said. "I reflected on several things and thought that I want to let it end here. There were many chances for a second yusho, but I always had easy losses. But it's only good memories. Sumo was the best.”

Thanks for giving us solid sumo for 9 years, Baruto. You produced exciting sumo to the end!
 And here is a highlight reel of Baruto. Enjoy!

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