Thursday, September 12, 2013


I came across this video. Tomonohana vs Akinoshu. The move at the end is what gets me. Tomonohana wasn't called "Sensai" for no reason. Probably one of the great sumo technicians of all time.

His career began late but he still managed to stick it out till he was 37. Spending most of his career in Juryo after briefly gracing the rank of Komusubi he was a wrestler that could have been in many ways. But sometimes I enjoy those figures of sport more than the "top dogs".

Tomonohana preferred a migi-yotsu or right hand inside, left hand outside grip on his opponent's mawashi, and his speciality was shitatenage, or underarm throw, which was his most common winning kimarite. He used 34 different kimarite during his career, some of them extremely rare. In January 1993 he defeated Hananokuni with izori, or backwards body drop, a technique that had not been seen at sekitori level since 1964.

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