Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The End of Tamanishiki

32nd Yokozuna, Tamanishiki 
 Tamanishiki was one of the greatest Sumo Wrestlers of his time and certainly in the long history of sumo. From 1929 to 1936 he won a total of 9 Yusho and dominated sumo until the rise of Futabayama.

 He was born in 1903 and would grow up and join the Nishonoseki Stable. This stable was very small at the time and he would often Dewanoumi Stable where he would be trained by 27th Yokozuna and Pioneer of modern sumo, Tochigiyama. 

27th Yokozuna, Tochigiyama
 He won 3 consecutive Yusho in 1930-31 but was unable to achieve Yokozuna rank. During the Shunjuen Incident, a wrestlers strike, Tamanshiki stayed on in Sumo.
Futabayama in Kokei 

In May of 1932 he won his 5th Yusho and was finally given the rank he deserved. He would eventually train his heir apparent, Futabayama and would fight is final bout against him and lose. Shortly after he would die of a delayed appendectomy.

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