Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kyushu Basho 2014

 November is probably always my favorite time for Sumo. I think mainly because the first tournament I ever watched and followed was the November Kyushu Basho. The faces in the top division have changed much since then. Hakuho was still dominating and beat out Asashoryu with a perfect 15-0 record.

 This November the big story is the Mongolian Giant, Ichinojo. In only his 6th tournament, he has reached the rank of Sekiwake with a Jun-Yusho and 13-2 record with his only losses coming against Ikio (which will be one of the great classic bouts of all time) and Hakuho. I'm amazed at his poise and calmness in the ring. He never looks rattled or bothered by any opponent. He practically breezed through the Ozeki ranks without breaking a sweat. He's incredibly smart and very patient. I look for him to do great things this tournament. 

 In other tournament news, Tochinoshin has finally climbed back into the top division. He is really looking fantastic. In his two tournaments he posted 13-2 and 15-0 records for his 2nd and 3rd Juryo Yusho's. He will be wrestling at Maegashira 8.

 Amuru, the Russian wrestler who several years ago went down with injury right as he was about to make Maccuchi, has finally made it into the top division. He will wrestle at the rank of Maegashira 14.

 Yokozuna Harumafuji will give an answer soon as to wether or not he will compete since sustaining a fracture around his eye last Basho.

 “My vision isn’t blurry anymore,” said Harumafuji, who went through the motions to check his tachiai with makuuchi returnee Homarefuji on Sunday.

“If I were afraid I wouldn’t be fighting anymore. I have to break through my own anxieties.”

 I hope we see him back.

 Well it's going to be a really exciting tournament! Stay tuned!

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