Thursday, November 6, 2014

Takamiyama : The World of Sumo

 So excited to have found a copy of this book at a antique store in Illinois. I always tend to scan the shelves of books intensely so that I don't miss anything of interest. I was looking and right on the bottom shelf in big bold letters I see "TAKAMIYAMA". I immediately snatched it up. Six dollars later it was mine.

 What an inspiration Jesse was. The first foreign born wrestler to win a Yusho and the first American wrestlers to break through into the world of Sumo. I am currently reading the book and so far enjoy it very much. Jesse has great insight into the world of sumo and I am learning things about it I did not know. 

 His account in the prologue of the book, about beating Asahikuni to win the Yusho in July of 72', is very good. Made me cry in fact. What an achievement!

 I highly recommend the book already. 

 Takamiyama beats Asahikuni to win the Yusho.

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