About Me

When I was very young I was at my Granny and Paps in Kentucky and was flipping channels (they had cable!) and landed on ESPN. They were broadcasting a Sumo tournament. I remember finding it kind of funny at the time but it still intrigued me. After that time I never watched or thought of Sumo again.

In the summer of 2009 I was on the internet and saw an ad that used a Sumo wrestler. I remembered that time of watching on ESPN. I started to research and found out that even though I was in America far from Japan I too could follow and watch sumo. I started to learn everything I could about the sport spending hours figuring out the complex ranking system of Sumo. I picked a favorite wrestler in Harumufuji. Even my wife (then fiance) got into it choosing Baruto as her favorite rikishi.

By fall of 2009 I was wanting to Sumo myself. I started the Katashi Sumo stable and recruited a friend to wrestle in our first "tournament". We didn't have mawashi's and simply wore gym shorts. I went 5-10 but I was hooked! In January we held our second tournament and I had a worse record going 4-11. It was my tournament in a Mawashi we made from cotton.

By march I had recruited another friend and again had a losing tournament. By may we had recruited another and had our biggest tournament (3 wrestlers) we had ever had. In July we had three again and also a woman's tournament.

We continued into September and held our basho and had 4 wrestlers competing. I went 9-6, my best finish.

There was no November tournament that would have marked our 1 year anniversary as a Sumo Stable. The next tournament did not happen until April and featured just myself and 1 other wrestler. I again went 9-6 and won the Tourney.

Since then our club has disbanded but my love for sumo grew and grew as I followed the Pros, wrestled my friends and researched still more about this great sport.

I love Sumo and I hope to use this blog to teach others about this sport.